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** Here the reader will shortly find a library of information and documentation in support of this project **

  • malay child readingProgram summary (1 page)
  • List of main public events and invitational workshops
  • Focus Group introductions (10)
  • Focus Group overview (2 pages)
  • (To complete)

List of main public events and invitational workshops

(As per 1 Oct. 2013)

     Event #        Event

  1. 22/9. World Car Free Day
  2. 23/9. Media Focus Group 1
  3. 23/9. Automotive Focus Group 2
  4. 24/9. Eric Britton:  Inaugural University Lecture
  5. 25/9. Transport Operators Focus Group 3
  6. 25/9. Professional Associations Focus Group 4
  7. 25/9.  Civil Society Focus Group 5
  8. 26/9.  Regulators Focus Group 6
  9. 26/9.  Non-Motorized Focus Group 7
  10. 28/9.  Hacking Sustainable Penang  Focus Group 8
  11. 30/9.  Women, Gender Balance and Leadership. Focus Group 9
  12. 30/9.  Master Class 1 (Sustainable Development, Economy and Society)
  13. 01/10.  Municipal Council Peer Dialogues (MPSP)
  14. 01/10.  Master Class 2 – (Toward a New Mobility Agenda)
  15. 02/10.  Municipal Council Peer Dialogues (MPPP)
  16. 02/10.  Master Class 3 – (Action measures and projects for 2013/14)
  17. 03/10.  Symposium: State of the Environment in Penang
  18. 03/10.  Master Class 4 – Preparing for 2015 Penang  conference: Implementing Sustainable Transport in Smaller Asian Cities
  19. 04/10.  Peer Dialogue with Penang Transport Council
  20. 05/10   State of Sustainable Penang Message: 2013-2015

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About the author:

Eric Britton
9, rue Gabillot, 69003 Lyon France

Bio: Educated as a development economist, Francis Eric Knight Britton is an American political scientist, teacher and sustainability activist who has taught and worked on missions and advisory assignments on all continents. Professor of Sustainable Development, Economy and Democracy at the Institut Supérieur de Gestion, he is MD of EcoPlan Association, an independent non-profit advisory network providing strategic counsel for government and business on policy and decision issues involving complex systems, social-technical change, incomplete information, civil society and sustainable development. Founding editor of World Streets: Climate/Action/Plan 2019-2020. In the autumn of 2018 he committed his remaining life work to the challenges of countering climate change from GHG emissions from the mobility sector. (For more see Britton online at, @ericbritton. email at and Skype: newmobility.)

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