Who reads Sustainable Penang?

This blog was created on 1 July 2013 in order to provide a “journal of record” for penang website world readers 30apr14the first planning phase of the Sustainable Penang: New Mobility Initiative.  As of today (30 April 2014)  a total of 149 readers have signed in to indicate their interest in being kept up to date on the postings that appear here, either on a daily or weekly basis. (This sign-in procedure is very simple and can be seen it activated at the top of the upper right menu.) Because the entire project has been advanced on a relatively low-key basis  to now, there has not been an explosion of reader interest, but rather a steady increase in terms of consultations as the contents become richer, with today total of 96 articles already on line the more being added daily. Since the beginning of the year it has been consulted  by readers from  96 countries,  more than half of whom signing in from  various parts of Malaysia, while the rest  distributed as you can see in the following table: penang website readers - by country 30apr14 By contrast to the above almost two dozen countries have thus far consulted the blog only one time each, but it is nonetheless gratifying for project  which intends to  make an international contribution to see  that the first readers have already come in from  places like  Afghanistan, Iraq , the Congo, Libya, and Kazakstan. And we hope that we will be seeing them more often as the projects moves ahead. For another perspective, here is a map showing  origins of readers  worldwide : penang website world readers 30apr14 The point that the above makes is that despite the fact that  the project is still in its very early stages,  there is very broad international interest in following  what is going on in Penang . Within Malaysia itself  readership looks like this: penang website readers 30apr14 Interestingly enough there a close to twice as many readers signing in from Kuala Lumpur than from Penang itself.   There may be a lesson there. But what overall  is the lesson we can take from this?  That we are off to a pretty good start is clear.  That there is broader interest in Malaysia than just in Penang   is also a fact.   And finally that we can be reasonably confident as  the program develops  and begins to move ahead from the  planning to the implementation stage  interest will only grow.

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