World Car Free Days Collaborative (update)

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Lyon, France. 13 May 2014

Dear Reader,

This website at has since 1995 served as the “Journal of Record” of EcoPlan’s long term World Car Free Days project, a collaborative program which continues to this day. The site has just been updated and is  organized into two parts, as follows:

– – >  Link to site here

Historic: The greater part of the substantial reference materials contained here are activated by the left-hand menu essentially cover the period 1994 through 2009, at which time the role of journal of reference moved over to World Streets at However, even if these contents are today “out of date” the fact is that there is extensive material here that will interest researchers and anyone who is trying to better understand the history and evolution of the Car Free Day movement since it’s launching in 1994 in Toledo Spain. The complete story on this first decade-plus will be found in these pages.

Current: For the most recent material, a good starting place is the top menu just above which has just been updated to reflect current developments and the state of the art of Car Free Day planning and implementation as per 2014. For a summary on a single page of the main current references and sources, we can point you to A Bit More on Car Free Days Planning and Implementation at

And now if you wish to access the main body of materials that are contained in the site, may I propose that you click the home link just about to your left

As you will see there are basically two kinds of car free days: events and strategies. Until now the former have massively dominated the field. That is not all bad since with a bit of luck and careful preparation the events are at best good fun and can give satisfaction to all concerned. And sometimes bit by bit they can start to take hold and encourage all involved to start to think in more strategic terms. Because from the beginning that was the intended job of the CFD: to step by small step lay the base for a better, fairer and more efficient mobility system, and a better future for all.

Now off we go. Let’s get some of those cars off our streets.

Eric Britton

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Other useful references from this program:

  1. World Streets on car free days at – coverage by World Streets of Car Free Days since 2009
  2. World Car Free Cities coverage at – as above but broader coverage
  3. World Car Free Café on Facebook at
  4. A collaborative car free site on LinkedIn at
  5. Our historic (1998-present) YGroups Café at
  6. Taking the issues from another angle, xCars: New Ways to Own and Use Cars


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