Bangkok Skytrain. Problem solved. Next?

Bangkok Skytrain - problem solved

No particular lessons to be learned here I guess.


One thought on “Bangkok Skytrain. Problem solved. Next?

  1. Comment from Richard Layman –

    Not true. There is a lesson. That lesson is that when implementing transit systems in car-dominated land use and transportation planning paradigms more than “building it and they will come” is required to shift choices to mass transit options away from personal mobility–the car. Making policy and regulations more congruent with transit, presumably the preferred mobility choice from the standpoint of transportation demand management, is the way to make that shift.

    For example, in Northern Europe, it is very expensive and time consuming to get a drivers license. Excises taxes on gasoline are about $6. The excise tax on the purchase of a car in the Netherlands is equal to the cost of the car. Having parking must be demonstrated before a car registration will be issued for some cities. Gas in Thailand costs about $3.10/gallon. Charge for parking. Perhaps a congestion charging regime is appropriate. Etc.

    In any case, the failure to make congruent the wide range of policies and practices that shape choice of mode makes it very difficult for sustainable modes such as transit and biking to be successful in the US. As long as automobility is subsidized and privileged in land use and planning regimes more than transit, more people will drive than use transit. It is only in those places where the density and spatial conditions make sustainable mobility modes very efficient and automobility less efficient is where transit is successful in the US.


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