Driving to Work in Tel Aviv At Seven Miles Per Hour:

The Numbers Behind Israel’s Traffic Woes

* Excerpt from  more:

Many kilometers of road have been paved in recent years, which has done nothing to reduce congestion because of the growing number of cars.

Meanwhile, 1,555 km of new roads were paved in the last decade, leading Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz to boast not a little about his “infrastructure revolution.”

Dr. Moshe Givoni, head of the Transport Research Unit at Tel Aviv University, shrugs that more and more roads get built because people figure that will resolve the congestion – but by now, we know it won’t because when there’s a void, it gets filled: People just buy more cars. Nor does parking get less stressful. It’s patently obvious, Givoni repeats the patently obvious, that the Greater Tel Aviv area needs better transportation.


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