AnakPinang: A star is born in the Penang NGO firmament

Timothy Tye Penang blogger

Penang Citizens’ Organizations Raise AnakPinang One by One to Speak for the People

Penang has long been the base of many civic organizations, and now there is another rise of AnakPinang, which is known as the ordinary people.

The organization was founded in October and currently has 15 members, slogans in the local civic organization with the slogan “For a Better Penang”.

The promoter is Timothy Tye, who said that because no civic organization speaks on behalf of ordinary people, especially on the topic of the blueprint for transportation in Penang, it is one of the reasons for the AnakPinang organization.

The multi-billion ringgit integrated transport blueprint designed to relieve traffic hindered by the Penang State Government Cypriot problem, once implemented will be phased in gradually implemented.

However, the plan has led to a fierce rebound from a number of NGOs, including the Penang Forum, the Penang Consumers Association, the Friends of Nature Malaysia, and the Malaysian Nature Association Penang Branch.

Timothy Tye has a different opinion. He told The Perspective of Malaysia that these organizations are out of touch with the local people in Penang who have to face long-term obstruction every day.

“The big blueprint is good for Penang, but no NGO has voiced it. They are just in their own mode, have nothing to do with the general public, and even have no sympathy for their plight.”

“Their statements made us feel ignored.”

He said that the Penang CSOs initially voiced the people, proclaimed consumer rights and grateful for everything that nature gave.

“Now they are like a group, the ideas are similar, just listen to what they want to hear.”

“They have a romantic idea for ordinary people – the traditional fisherman sits on a wooden fishing boat.”

“But the reality is that most of the general public have been replaying the picture of the car dragon when they return home from 7:00 in the morning to 7:00 in the evening .”

Timothy Tye said that he learned about traffic congestion when he took a bus from the age of 17 and took a bus from Georgetown to Georgetown every day. He spent three hours a day on the road.

For Timothy Tye, the AnakPinang organization may be associated with the people who are trapped in the car every day .

The Penang integrated traffic blueprint has caused a fierce rebound in many NGOs, but Anak Pinang holds different views from these organizations. (Archive photo: perspective Malaysia)
The Penang integrated traffic blueprint has caused a fierce rebound in many NGOs, but Anak Pinang holds different views from these organizations. (Archive photo: perspective Malaysia)

Unrealistic concepts and needs

He continued that the main problem of many non-government organizations in Penang was that they could not objectively criticize the blueprint. .  .  .

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