AnakPinang: A star is born in the Penang NGO firmament

Timothy Tye Penang blogger

Penang Citizens’ Organizations Raise AnakPinang One by One to Speak for the People

Penang has long been the base of many civic organizations, and now there is another rise of AnakPinang, which is known as the ordinary people.

The organization was founded in October and currently has 15 members, slogans in the local civic organization with the slogan “For a Better Penang”.

The promoter is Timothy Tye, who said that because no civic organization speaks on behalf of ordinary people, especially on the topic of the blueprint for transportation in Penang, it is one of the reasons for the AnakPinang organization.

The multi-billion ringgit integrated transport blueprint designed to relieve traffic hindered by the Penang State Government Cypriot problem, once implemented will be phased in gradually implemented.

However, the plan has led to a fierce rebound from a number of NGOs, including the Penang Forum, the Penang Consumers Association, the Friends of Nature Malaysia, and the Malaysian Nature Association Penang Branch.

Timothy Tye has a different opinion. He told The Perspective of Malaysia that these organizations are out of touch with the local people in Penang who have to face long-term obstruction every day.

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PTMP? “I believe that the PTMP is an excuse to camouflage Penang’s developed based policies”

— Dr. Ahmad Hilmy Abdul Hamid. School of Housing, Building and Planning,
Universiti Sains Malaysia.  Published 20 May 2019, Free Malaysia Today .

When I read the recent article in Free Malaysia Today  ‘Penang NGOs — an opposition force without accountability? — — Timothy Tye and Joshua Woo’ the first thing that came to mind was ‘Ouch!’ Because even though I have no affiliation to the NGOs Timothy and Ahmad Hilmi PENANGJoshua were referring t,o I do follow the issues raised in particular the proposed PIL1 highway and the so-called Penang Transport Master Plan (PTPM). I would say the article summarily denied the positive contributions of Penang NGOs for example, when they successfully halted/revised the implementation of PORR and Penang Global City Center (PGCC) among others.

The primary purpose of their article I gather is to discredit the NGOs especially those who have raised questions on the viability and future prospects of PTPM as a whole coupled with the South Reclamation Scheme. By citing other ‘successful’ projects implemented over the years, readers are supposed to also accept that PIL1, PTPM and SRS will be just as successful.

Penang _ meeeting of state government with SRS consotium 15 aug. 2015

Gentlemen of SRS Consortium and State government meeting in Komtar to finalise PTMP.

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THE RAPE OF PENANG: Rampant Environmental Destruction by out-of-control Speculators, Developers, State Government and Lobbies in 2019

–  by Kelvin Chan ,  Published on May 1, 2019

Aerial photography of Penang’s rapacious development in various locations in 2019.

 * We suggest you observe in full screen mode for full effect.

Other environment, nature and cultural videos by Mr.  Kelvin Chan at

COMMENTARY: Trevor Sibert: Penang Heritage Trust (PHT) Discussions.
Remarkable footage! Will certainly get your hair standing. Credit to the videographer.
It depicts the harsh reality that is plaguing Penang, overlooking sustainable development. The unnatural destruction of natural forest, hills and waterways. Putting lives in danger from landslides. Roads that are merely hanging off cliffs, being used by heavy vehicles too. The presence of unnatural giant pillars for elevated roads. Increasing the carbon footprint!
We are killing Penang!

Op-ed: “State Assembly Considers PTMP Exclusive, Extremely Suspicious”

Penang State Assembly - mostly men


1. The Penang State Assembly should be the best arena to discuss the controversy related to the Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP). Unfortunately, the government has failed to produce a convincing explanation, but is instead seen to be attempting to conceal many things. It will only reinforce the perception that there are hidden agendas and conspiracy behind the super mega project.

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Penang Streets of Harmony - cover Anwar Fazal

What about this? Mr. Roger Teoh recently wrote a thoughtful piece on the hotly (and rightly!) contested PTMP entitled “Five reasons why the Penang transport plan is a white elephant”. Which drew an immediate response from the happy property consortium under their title: “Debunking Arguments Against PTMP”, and in which they provide their best response to their own version of these five contentions at And thus the necessary discussion is engaged (on Roger’s chosen five-point grounds).

Hmm, let’s see now: by choosing a relatively small number, Roger gave them a target to which they responded. That was excellent on the part of the SRS and their partners, and I for one very much hope they will continue. People and groups who need to have answers to their legitimate questions and concerns, and it is important that the state government team respond to these valid public questions.

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Penang Forum initially mooted the idea for a public transport plan, now known as PTMP, to the Penang state government in 2008. Promoting an evidence-based policy making approach to transport planning, Penang Forum assisted the state government in engaging the international Halcrow consultancy and facilitated the consultant’s work. After months of data collection and public consultations, Halcrow drew up Recommended Transport Master Plan Strategy (‘Halcrow Plan’) featuring an extensive network of trams and BRT, the public transport component estimated to cost below RM10bn.

When the plan was nearly finalized, Halcrow was pressured to include Ewein’s Zenith–BUCG sea tunnel and 3 major highways on the island costing RM6.3 billion. The Halcrow Plan, with a projected total cost of RM27 billion, was officially endorsed by the Penang state government in May 2013.

Lacking technical resources, the state government decided to appoint a project delivery partner (PDP) to implement the Halcrow Plan. This was done through a Request for Proposal. The winning bid was submitted by SRS Consortium, whose proposal introduced new elements such as LRT, monorails and highways, departing from the Halcrow Plan in significant ways.

Initially pitched at RM27 billion, the SRS plan quickly ballooned to RM46 billion, a whopping 70% increase in project costs.

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Op-Ed. Protesters rally in Penang against exorbitant RM46bn transport proposal

Penang Malaysia PTMP protest

About a hundred concerned Penangites gathered peacefully outside the Penang State Assembly this morning to call for an an independent review of SRS Consortium’s outlandish RM46bn transport proposal, which critics have derided as a ‘property play’.

Under the proposal, an RM8bn six-lane highway will eventually link high-end property development on reclaimed land opposite Gurney Plaza off Gurney Drive to more high-end development on three artificial islands in southern Penang Island. Under phase one of the highway, it ends not far from even more high-end property development on reclaimed land now under construction off the coast of southeastern Penang Island.

The multi-ethnic crowd of protesters this morning included concerned residents, academics, environmentalists, park-lovers, advocates of the fishing communities and the marine ecology, representatives of various residents associations and activists.

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