Penan CM Chow overlooking Penang

– By P. Gunasegaram . Penang, 2 May 2019.

QUESTION TIME | Another mega-project which is in the process of being finalised after the RM44 billion East Coast Rail Link and the RM140 billion development value Bandar Malaysia is the RM46 billion Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP).

As with the earlier two projects mentioned, there are a number of vital questions that remain unanswered over PTMP’s projects and the massive land reclamation project, reportedly worth an eye-popping RM70 billion (subsequently denied) to finance them. There is no clarity on how it will be undertaken, while there is a strong China element to this project as well, with a China firm being one of the beneficiaries of a major contract, as we shall see.

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The Penang govt’s ‘invisible’ transparency and accountability

Circular economy - painting man on bench circles

  – By Ravinder Singh, 22 May 2019,

In their article “Penang NGOs: An opposition force without accountability?,” Timothy Tye and Joshua Woo attack the NGOs’ opposed to the massive Penang South Reclamation project to find money for the MRT, LRT, tunnels, saying that their questions are not constructive and their proposals lack accountability.

Talking of “accountability”, they should turn their guns on the Penang state government that is totally lacking in accountability and transparency regarding this project although when DAP took over the leadership of the state, it had promised Penangites that its administration will be CAT (Competent, Accountable and Transparent).

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Op-ed: “State Assembly Considers PTMP Exclusive, Extremely Suspicious”

Penang State Assembly - mostly men


1. The Penang State Assembly should be the best arena to discuss the controversy related to the Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP). Unfortunately, the government has failed to produce a convincing explanation, but is instead seen to be attempting to conceal many things. It will only reinforce the perception that there are hidden agendas and conspiracy behind the super mega project.

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OP-ED: Penang needs a new economic vision that sustains people and environment

penang forum citizen meeting ngo - Copy

Penang Forum citizen meeting, with NGOs

Penang needs to use this opportunity of New Malaysia to shift to New that is more strategic, measured and successful in benefits realisation for its people, environment through its policies. Creative innovation needs to be the central driver in policy making and implementation area. This requires Penang government to restructure its state civil service to be more lean and efficient and integrated with more innovative players in the economy such as NGOs, applied research sector and private sector. Politicians are also at a very timely juncture to assess the performance of civil servants at senior and mid levels and put in place the necessary teams for the next and final lap.

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No federal support for proposed Penang transport projects? TURN SETBACK INTO OPPORTUNITY

The difficulty in securing a federal bridging loan of RM1bn makes this a timely occasion to reiterate the colossal financial obligations involved, says Penang Forum.

Everyone wants the traffic congestion in Penang to be reduced. We want it as soon as possible.

Perhaps the complication in the Penang state government’s plan in securing federal bridging loan financing for phase one of the six-lane Pan Island Link highway (PIL1) will be an opportunity for it to rethink and review SRS Consortium’s RM46bn transport infrastructure proposal.

Penang Transport Master Plan SRS proposal

Conduct a review

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Penang government state public presentation PTMP

 – Susan Loone, 20 March 2019

“Recommended reading for anyone who cares about Penang, Mobility and Democracy”

Activists today expressed their outrage over the conditional approval of the Penang Structure Plan (PSP) 2030 to include several megaprojects.

Consumers Association of Penang’s Meena Raman said that despite civil society organisations registering objections to these projects at public hearings organised by the state government, their views were not taken into account.

“Obviously, the state government did not listen. They have not taken into account whatever we said during our meetings and public hearings, where we clearly stated our views and objections to the projects,” she told Malaysiakini.

“The process of public hearing which the state government embarked on was merely a formality required by law, but in reality, it was just a rubber stamp to support their warped vision of Penang.

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