Equal Time

The Sustainable Penang/New Mobility FB page at https://www.facebook.com/SustainablePenang/ attempts to serve as an informal stop watch equal time(if imperfect) “journal of record” offering coverage of key events, documents  and media reports, aiming primarily at international readers and transport professionals interested to follow the events in process. The editor’s critical position in favor of an immediate  overhaul of the government’s SRS project are there and easy for all to see..

On the other hand in the spirit of balanced reportage we make a real effort to report also on media articles either circulated by the government or those  otherwise in favor of the SRS approach.  To spot these critical pieces, please go to https://www.facebook.com/SustainablePenang/ and on the upper left menu, place the words EQUAL TIME into the search box. You will see that about one third of all coverage since the beginning of 2016 comes from such sources.