Key Actors

Penang Forum meeting

Each country, each political unit on this planet, has its own unique “cocktail” of ingredients and mixtures of competence, interests and concerns when it comes to making public policy and investment decisions. In authoritarian countries it is the government itself that basically makes all of the decisions, albeit with varying degrees of attention to public relations aspects which are orchestrated to ensure acceptance and compliance.

But in an energetic emerging democratic state like Penang there is a rich admixture and competition of ideas, philosophies and interests, spanning not only be several levels of government involved but also business, industrial and private interests that often have considerable resources for ensuring that their interests and points of view are fully represented. Beyond this, and especially in the case of Penang, there is a wide range of institutions and points of view that make up civil society, the media, environmental, transport and other public interest groups. There is also the very real possibility of creative interaction with international organizations, which can do a great deal to enrich the discussions and the results.

In a democratic society when it comes to taking important decisions on matters of  transportation and mobility, and especially at a time of necessary rapid change, there are not, for better or worse, just a small handful of organizations involved.   And the situation in Penang turns out to be typical when we take a good look around and make an effort to identify all those who should be counted and actively engaged in the transformation process.  The present inventory — which is still in process, with other organisations and groups surely to appear here — identifies more than forty “key actors” and as the implementation process is further engaged, more are sure to appear on the horizon. You have to the right here hot links to all those thus far identified.

* If you can spot anyone who you think should be in this inventory, please let us know and we can make the necessary  amendments.

Penang: Key Local Institutions

Local Blogs

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