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A team from the Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation (rCITI) School of Civil and Environmental Engineering University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney, Australia Emerging Mobility Services offers their own definitions, which includes, but is not limited to, the following topics: *

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PTMP? “I believe that the PTMP is an excuse to camouflage Penang’s developed based policies”

— Dr. Ahmad Hilmy Abdul Hamid. School of Housing, Building and Planning,
Universiti Sains Malaysia.  Published 20 May 2019, Free Malaysia Today . http://bit.ly/2VUPyzx

When I read the recent article in Free Malaysia Today  ‘Penang NGOs — an opposition force without accountability? — http://bit.ly/2VUPyzx — Timothy Tye and Joshua Woo’ the first thing that came to mind was ‘Ouch!’ Because even though I have no affiliation to the NGOs Timothy and Ahmad Hilmi PENANGJoshua were referring t,o I do follow the issues raised in particular the proposed PIL1 highway and the so-called Penang Transport Master Plan (PTPM). I would say the article summarily denied the positive contributions of Penang NGOs for example, when they successfully halted/revised the implementation of PORR and Penang Global City Center (PGCC) among others.

The primary purpose of their article I gather is to discredit the NGOs especially those who have raised questions on the viability and future prospects of PTPM as a whole coupled with the South Reclamation Scheme. By citing other ‘successful’ projects implemented over the years, readers are supposed to also accept that PIL1, PTPM and SRS will be just as successful.

Penang _ meeeting of state government with SRS consotium 15 aug. 2015

Gentlemen of SRS Consortium and State government meeting in Komtar to finalise PTMP.

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Green light behavior change

“The power of a new mobility concept depends not on how well it solves a given, targeted problem. But on how many problems it (partly) solves.”  –   Marco Te Brömmelstroet  

TfL to pilot default green man signal

Transport for London (TfL) is set to train ‘green man authority’ on ten pedestrian crossings around the city.   The signal strategy will give pedestrians priority, relying on detectors to pick up any oncoming vehicles.

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Archives: Brainstorming the Penang Transport Master Plan(s)

Penang MP Poster top illustrationDraft introduction: Welcome to a collaborative thinking exercise inviting  any and all who may have some questions about the focus, the vision and in the end the quality of future mobility services as being proposed and aggressively pushed by the state government of Penang. The central instrument for this group investigative process is a group of poster illustrations which combine simple images and a few telling words in order test our understanding of the Penang Transport Master Plan — all this as  prepared for the recent Gertak Sanggul Art Festival by Kin Yin and a group  of young collaborators (who will be identified shortly in the final section of this first presentation).

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Archives. Andrew tries to get across the street in Penang.

CONGRATULATIONS ANDREW: Best one person transportation initiative that I have seen since first starting to follow developments in Penang in September 2013.

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