Lack of infrastructure, regulations killing bike-sharing services

Penang link bike share

Bicycling infrastructure is the determinant factor in influencing city dwellers to choose bicycles over motor vehicles for daily use

By SHAHEERA AZNAM SHAH,  November 22nd, 2018 –

Lack of infrastructure and regulations are among the major reasons that contribute to the gradual disappearance of bike-sharing businesses in Malaysia.

Sanjey Chandran, a mobility observer, said the cycling infrastructure  provided by the government  is the determinant factor in influencing city dwellers to choose bicycles over motor vehicles for daily use.

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Penang’s Climate/New Mobility Emergency Action Plan and Demonstrations: 2019-2020

Penang heavy traffic bridge no room for cyclists (Remind me, where do you fit them in?)

Proposed New Mobility Penang Demo Project #1.


Cycling the streets and roads of Penang today is at best difficult. And rare. There are very few provisions for safe and comfortable cycling, the weather can be terribly hot.  The traffic a challenge, and the old cycling culture has almost entirely disappeared.
So the Bicycle Mayor would be starting with a weak base. But what a wonderful place it could be for the people of Penang to get around safely in daily life. So we start with a dream, then we get courage, and then we get the people, to together turn the idea into reality. A gift to themselves and a gift to the planet.

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Groupstorm: Laying the base for the Penang Bicycle Master Plan

To build on our recent Op-ed “Time for more Strategic Citizen Impatience for a Bicycle Master Plan for Penang” ay, let me try to be a bit more concrete with a quick brainstorm note for critical discussion. Bear with me please.

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OP-ED: Time for more Strategic Citizen Impatience for a Bicycle Master Plan for Penang


Penang has waited long enough, too long I would say, to have a real cycling program, which starts on and will transform the streets to ensure safe and abundant cycling for all ages. As far as I can see (I hope I am wrong) the State government of has not announced strategic program for a cycling renaissance, no comprehensive audit, no specific commitment, no explicit goals, no announced global budget, no open working group, and no timetable or metrics again which success or failure could be judged. Yes, you have some activities and improvements going on here and there– but these are fragmented and there is no overarching MASTER PLAN FOR CYCLING IN PENANG.

 * Eric Britton: Notes from a group discussion on the Sustainable Penang WhatsApp forum of the lack of a structured bicycle plan for Penang, 17 Feb. 2017

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Op-Ed: Make Penang the cycling capital of Malaysia


This article by De. Lim Mah Hui, Penang Island City Councillor, first appeared in The Star Online on Sunday, 22 January 2017, and is reproduced here with thanks. For the orignial article please lick to

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Open letter to Penang State Executive Councillor C.K. Yeow: On the role of M2Ws in PTMP

Penang motorcyles heavy traffic

Subject: PTMP position, plan and recommendations for motorcycles

Penang chow and EB

YB Chow Kon Yeow                Professor Eric Britton

Dear Mr. Chow,

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Question to members of Penang Transport Council reviewing and evaluating SRS master plan documents

Penang girl on bike - covered head


CYCLING: We have been exchanging in our several group fora in support of the Sustainable Penang project thoughts about plans and actions in favor of more, better and safer cycling for all in Penang. And of course by this we mean specifically cycling for day to day transport, cycling for men, women and children getting from their particular A to B in all parts of Penang. (though it will be interesting as well to know of their coverage of leisure and touring cycling, etc.)

So, against this background we respectfully ask the following  . . .

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Bicycle Helmet discussions warm up in Sustainable Penang WhatsApp forum

4 Feb. 2016. Penang

11:31. Lim Thean-heng (LTH, Site initiator). Shares a picture of Mayor Enrique Peñalosa of Bogotá on a bike.

enrique penalosa on bike - 211:59. Britton (EB):

To draw your attention to one small detail in the photo of Mayor Enrique Peñalosa of Bogotá on a bike. He is an everyday city cyclist, and like the vast majority of such cyclists in cities with good bike policies, he is not wearing a helmet. That means he perceives cycling in his city as  safe enough not to have to wear a helmet.

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World City Cycling Forum on Facebook Tops 400 Members for First Time

France Paris cycle velib snow Credit - Reuters - John Schults

World Streets, Paris. 27 January 2016

Set up as a dedicated independent group platform in April 2007, the World City Cycling Forum of World Streets has grown slowly over these nearly nine years, and just this week for the first time passed the 400 member threshold, with today exactly 411 signed in members from all continents and countries rich and poor, several thousand postings and hundreds of striking photographs.  Bravo to us all!

* See

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