Penang: A Walk along the Street of Harmony

Penang Street of Harmony Project celebrates mutual tolerance illustrated by this amazingly cosmopolitan microcosm.

 – Anwar Fazal takes us for a walk down the Street of Harmony in Penang.

The island of Penang, Malaysia, has long been a magnet for a multitude of people from all over the world and has over the last two centuries succeeded in integrating countless cultures and religions into its very fabric.

Penang  is very special.  It was a place that opened up for all the communities of the world. That particular special flavor, sometimes in many places in the world, is all too often lost over history. But in Penang, uniquely, it continued.

There is much Penang can teach the world today about acceptance and harmony in diversity.

* * * Walk down the streets of Penang with Anwar Fazal. |  View:

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A 2800 word overview article appearing  in the Malay Mail of 27 June 2019 by reporter Opalyn Mok  — does a fair job of reporting on the sequence of principal events defining the PTMP and those behind it.  The overall tone of the article is that the PTMP is a reasonable plan from a competent gouvernement team  and that despite consistent  objections from civil society, the future prognosis is that the plan and process will now move ahead with the full support of local and national  government. . .  BAU (Business as usual)

To this reader the article is insufficiently critical of their government sources and technical competence, but we will leave this to other parts of the broader analysis of World Streets and others you will find in these pages  —   The PTMP AUDIT  that you will find here –

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We are very grateful to the editorial team of AnakPinang  for providing these detailed lists and references of their communiques and articles in favor ot the Penang Transport Master Plans. In order to come to a wise policy decision in complex issues like this,, it is important to listen to all the voices.  (Which is one of the reasons that democracy is such hard work.)

AnakPinang staff-members

Why we support the Penang Transport Master Plan

Members of AnakPinang collectively throw their support behind the Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP) in its present incarnation. We do so not out of blind loyalty to our State Government, but because we understand our government’s rationale in planning for our needs, for today and for the future. In this section, we provide you with information on why each component of the PTMP is vital.

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Democracy, Civil Society, & Team Building in Penang: Key Organizations and Agencies

Penang civil society public meeting on PTMP - anil Netto.PNG

Civil Society is the life raft of 21st century democracy

The following listing of twenty-plus organizations is intended eventually to be extended to identify all those groups and institutions who are going to have a role in the restructuring of Penang’s mobility arrangements. (Note: Each of these entries is clickable and will take you directly to the indicated source.)

But here’s our question. Are there other groups, programs and agencies (and companies and media) who should be identified here for communication and coordination purposes in support of the project?  For example, are there units or projects at the level of local government which are aimed at specific near term problems or issues

And should you have a contact name and email address at hand, that would be much appreciated. If so please let us know via the email address Thank you.

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AnakPinang speaks out: Why we support the Penang Transport Master Plan, the Penang South Reclamation Scheme, with a closing word to the Naysayers



Source: Malaysian insight, 22 Dec. 2018

PENANG, already home of many vocal civil society groups, now has an additional voice in the form of AnakPinang, a group which started with the simple desire to represent the “common people”. AnakPinang kicked off at the end of October with 15 members and the tagline “For a better Penang” has already been making ripples in the crowded activist circle

In their web page at   they describe themselves as follows:  AnakPinang is a community of like-minded Penangites who yearn to create a better Penang, one that is vibrant and modern, yet preserving and continuing to enhance its core strengths and values. We endeavour to usher our state forward, to be a hub for tourism, education, health, industries – a location that provides a wide variety of high-paying job opportunities, and a desirable place to call home.

As to their policies and preferences for Penang we can do no better than to let them speak for themselves in the more than fifty articles, news commentaries and op-eds that follow directly here. It’s always a good idea to listen to all the voices.  Democracy is such hard work.

KEYWORDS/NAMES: The following article of some 2.200 words, mentions the PTMP 16 times and the whole title 15 more times. It mentions “transport” 31 times, but mobility (the human side of transport) only twice.  It mentions the reporters Joshua Woo (12 times) and Timothy Tye (14 times)

(It does not on the other hand mention either climate, safety or equity a single time. Hmm.)

# # #

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Penan CM Chow overlooking Penang

– By P. Gunasegaram . Penang, 2 May 2019.

QUESTION TIME | Another mega-project which is in the process of being finalised after the RM44 billion East Coast Rail Link and the RM140 billion development value Bandar Malaysia is the RM46 billion Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP).

As with the earlier two projects mentioned, there are a number of vital questions that remain unanswered over PTMP’s projects and the massive land reclamation project, reportedly worth an eye-popping RM70 billion (subsequently denied) to finance them. There is no clarity on how it will be undertaken, while there is a strong China element to this project as well, with a China firm being one of the beneficiaries of a major contract, as we shall see.

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The Penang govt’s ‘invisible’ transparency and accountability

Circular economy - painting man on bench circles

  – By Ravinder Singh, 22 May 2019,

In their article “Penang NGOs: An opposition force without accountability?,” Timothy Tye and Joshua Woo attack the NGOs’ opposed to the massive Penang South Reclamation project to find money for the MRT, LRT, tunnels, saying that their questions are not constructive and their proposals lack accountability.

Talking of “accountability”, they should turn their guns on the Penang state government that is totally lacking in accountability and transparency regarding this project although when DAP took over the leadership of the state, it had promised Penangites that its administration will be CAT (Competent, Accountable and Transparent).

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