– Paul Barter, Adjunct Professor, School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore 

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Downtown? Don't even think of parking here!PRIMERS:

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Flash. On plugging gaps normally filled by public and private investment in transport infrastructure and services.



 * Exracts: Article by continues at http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-38252405

The town of Summit, New Jersey, is about 30 miles west of Manhattan. It has a population of around 20,000. While I’ve never been there myself, I can tell you one thing: finding a parking spot at the train station can be a complete nightmare.

So Mayor Nora Radest was planning to do the obvious and build more spaces to accommodate the growing demand. It would have cost around $10m (£7.9m).That’s an awful lot of money, and so instead she took on an interesting experiment. Everyone who has a parking permit at the station is now entitled to a free Uber ride to and from their homes.

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SEDUCTIVE BUT DESTRUCTIVE GOALS: Congestion-free and affordable driving

Penang. Highway construction. Source: Reuters

Penang. Highway construction. Source: reuters

Urban transport decision-makers face huge pressures to keep driving uncongested and to keep it cheap. But take a look at cities that have worked long and hard to get free-flowing traffic and affordable driving. I doubt you will like what you see. This point was a central theme of Paul Barter’s chapter “Achieving Sustainable Mobility” which appears in The State of Asian and Pacific Cities 2015 jointly published late last year by UN-ESCAP and UN-HABITAT.

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Kindest thanks to the ever-observant Anil Netto for drawing this to my attention. And in fact at the back of my mind as I wrote the piece was the hope that this had been done but sitting here on the other side of the planet, I did not have the info at hand.

He pointed me to an article entitled “From Park(ing) Day, to Bersih 4, to Pakatan Harapan”  at http://aliran.com/newsletters/2015-newsletters/from-parking-day-to-bersih-4-to-pakatan-harapan/, where I learned:

  1. Penang has already done it in 2015.
  1. As far as they know, George Town is the first city in Malaysia to celebrate Park(ing) Day.

How it worked in 2015 *

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Report: “On-Street Parking Management”

malaysia penang parking Maylasian way - triple parking

“On-Street Parking Management”


How to overcome problems arising from unmanaged and illegal parking and how to design and install effective On-Street Parking management? This toolkit from the SUTP will help you design safer streets and may support creating a more efficient street use.

The document provides an overview of the different approaches to on-street parking management and provides advice to policy makers dealing with problems arising from unmanaged on-street parking. It addresses common problems that occur from illegal parking and circulating traffic searching for parking and points out approaches to overcome them. This includes information on the appropriate physical design of on-street parking as well as on the institutional basics and adequate tools for fee collection and pricing.

All in all the toolbox provides information on how to design and install on-street parking management effectively and efficiently and gives advice on how to detect and how to deal with violations of parking rules. Additionally the toolkit addresses the question on how to collect and how to use key parking data to further better on-street parking management.

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New Park & Ride service

park & ride signThe Penang State Government is planning to introduce Park & Ride service for those who commute to Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone (FIZ).

In your opinion, do you think this system may help to reduce congestion particularly the roads leading to the FIZ?

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