Expert Op-Ed: Role of public transport in relieving traffic congestion in Penang

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EXPERTS believe that improving public transportation is one of the most important ways of easing traffic flow on highways during festive seasons.
Traffic engineering specialist Dr Law Teik Hua said instead of widening roads and highways, the authorities should focus on upgrading the public transportation system.
“It is not necessary to widen roads to ease traffic. It will be costly and time-consuming to do this.
“We cannot say that widening roads will solve the congestion problem. That is not right.
“We must have a clear policy whether we want to promote private or public vehicles.
“Perhaps it is okay to have roads widened to ease traffic flow in the future, but what about the off period (non-festive season)?
“It is wasteful. Why don’t we use our resources to invest in upgrading public transportation?
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Author: Dr. Teik Hua Law.
Universiti Putra Malaysia | UPM ·
Department of Civil Engineering ·
PhD in Transportation (Imperial College)


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A team from the Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation (rCITI) School of Civil and Environmental Engineering University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney, Australia Emerging Mobility Services offers their own definitions, which includes, but is not limited to, the following topics: *

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We are very grateful to the editorial team of AnakPinang  for providing these detailed lists and references of their communiques and articles in favor ot the Penang Transport Master Plans. In order to come to a wise policy decision in complex issues like this,, it is important to listen to all the voices.  (Which is one of the reasons that democracy is such hard work.)

AnakPinang staff-members

Why we support the Penang Transport Master Plan

Members of AnakPinang collectively throw their support behind the Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP) in its present incarnation. We do so not out of blind loyalty to our State Government, but because we understand our government’s rationale in planning for our needs, for today and for the future. In this section, we provide you with information on why each component of the PTMP is vital.

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Penang George Town 1960s

For our international readers: a quick history primer on George Town and transport in Penang. To get you started and just in case.)


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About the author:

Eric Britton
13, rue Pasteur. Courbevoie 92400 France

Bio: Founding editor of World Streets (1988), Eric Britton is an American political scientist, teacher, occasional consultant, mediator and sustainability activist who has observed, learned, taught and worked on missions and advisory assignments on all continents. In the autumn of 2019, he committed his remaining life work to the challenges of aggressively countering climate change and specifically greenhouse gas emissions emanating from the mobility sector. He is not worried about running out of work. Further background and updates: @ericbritton | | #fekbritton | | and | Contact: | +336 508 80787 (Also WhatApp) | Skype: newmobility.)

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Editor’s note:  What we greatly appreciate in this article by Mr. Joshua Woo, a former Sebrang Perai Municipal councillor, and in a number of his public statements presenting and defending various aspects of the State/SRS PTMP, is the clarity and consistency of his arguments and reasoning.  One may or may not agree with his statements or analysis, but at least he sets out his position and his defense of state government policy clearly and consistently.  Thank you Mr. Woo.

MOBILITY is the backbone of civilisation.

Roads have been the main infrastructure for land travel throughout human history. The importance of roads in improving mobility is universally agreed by city planners. The disagreement is over how to use them. All modes of ground transportation – from horse carriages to bicycles, motorcycles, cars, buses and lorries – need roads.

Roads bring people together, expand empires, create cities and facilitate advancement of knowledge and discoveries.

Therefore, a feasible transport master plan that relieves traffic congestion in the short-term and is capable of increasing public mobility in the long-term needs to be supported by a good road network. Such a network is integral to public transportation.

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The Penang govt’s ‘invisible’ transparency and accountability

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  – By Ravinder Singh, 22 May 2019,

In their article “Penang NGOs: An opposition force without accountability?,” Timothy Tye and Joshua Woo attack the NGOs’ opposed to the massive Penang South Reclamation project to find money for the MRT, LRT, tunnels, saying that their questions are not constructive and their proposals lack accountability.

Talking of “accountability”, they should turn their guns on the Penang state government that is totally lacking in accountability and transparency regarding this project although when DAP took over the leadership of the state, it had promised Penangites that its administration will be CAT (Competent, Accountable and Transparent).

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Save Penang! Reject three artificial islands creation in Penang South Reclamation (PSR) project.

Save Penang photo - Petition

 Forty-five NGOs have come together today to support the petition Civil society groups have started an online petition calling on Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and other government leaders to reject the creation of three islands in the Penang South Reclamation (PSR) project.. The petition was started by former city councillor Khoo Salma Nasution  on behalf of Penang Forum, a coalition of local NGOs. It lists 20 reasons why the project, which is slated to fund the Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP), should be cancelled.  Forty-five NGOs have come together today to support the petition .

Speaking to Malaysiakini, Khoo said the lack of public consultation and detailed information about the project is “shocking” in view of the size of the proposed reclamation.

   * * * Click here for latest news on the petition

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