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— to be contacted and integrated into program from the beginning as full partners designing and monitoring the 2020 Five Percent Challenge.
Please share your contact information, addresses, names to that we can bring them into the project from the beginning.

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Forbes: What Could Happen if Malaysia Builds Three More Islands

Forbes Shepeard PENANG PIC 1

Land reclamation at the STP 2 site in the north of Penang exemplifies what the Penang South Reclamation project could become

  – By Wade Shepard, Forbes, May 25, 2018. For full article, illustrations and video go to the original at Thanks Forbes.

Fisherman Haji Rossli looked out across the bay, but could hardly fathom what could soon be built there. “Surprised? No, we were shocked,” he told me when I asked what his reaction was when he first learned of the plan that calls for his remote fishing village to be transformed into Malaysia’s next outpost of progress. Three manmade islands are set to be constructed where there is only sea today, upon which a new smart city, industrial zone, and transportation hub will be built.

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Save Penang! Reject three artificial islands creation in Penang South Reclamation (PSR) project.

Save Penang photo - Petition

 Forty-five NGOs have come together today to support the petition Civil society groups have started an online petition calling on Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and other government leaders to reject the creation of three islands in the Penang South Reclamation (PSR) project.. The petition was started by former city councillor Khoo Salma Nasution  on behalf of Penang Forum, a coalition of local NGOs. It lists 20 reasons why the project, which is slated to fund the Penang Transport Master Plan (PTMP), should be cancelled.  Forty-five NGOs have come together today to support the petition .

Speaking to Malaysiakini, Khoo said the lack of public consultation and detailed information about the project is “shocking” in view of the size of the proposed reclamation.

   * * * Click here for latest news on the petition

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THE RAPE OF PENANG: Rampant Environmental Destruction by out-of-control Speculators, Developers, State Government and Lobbies in 2019

–  by Kelvin Chan ,  Published on May 1, 2019

Aerial photography of Penang’s rapacious development in various locations in 2019.

 * We suggest you observe in full screen mode for full effect.

Other environment, nature and cultural videos by Mr.  Kelvin Chan at

COMMENTARY: Trevor Sibert: Penang Heritage Trust (PHT) Discussions.
Remarkable footage! Will certainly get your hair standing. Credit to the videographer.
It depicts the harsh reality that is plaguing Penang, overlooking sustainable development. The unnatural destruction of natural forest, hills and waterways. Putting lives in danger from landslides. Roads that are merely hanging off cliffs, being used by heavy vehicles too. The presence of unnatural giant pillars for elevated roads. Increasing the carbon footprint!
We are killing Penang!


gender balance equality

Not like this.


Now, as your long-time pro bono consultant and resilient Parisian friend in the struggle for equitable, efficient and fully sustainable mobility for the last six long years, I would like to share with you my most important and heart-felt single policy recommendation for Penang.

And that is that to deal equitably and efficiently with these important issues and necessary actions, you now immediately invite open public discussion of the need for the passage of a law at least at the level of your state which requires FULL GENDER PARITY for all future, policy, investment and decision fora in and related to the mobility sector.

To be quite certain that we are  on the same page here, permit me to explain in one short sentence why this is essential in a modern democratic society.  AND THAT IS BECAUSE IT IS WELL PROVEN BY EXPERIENCE THAT MEN SIMPLY CANNOT ANTICIPATE THE DAY TO DAY NEEDS OF WOMEN OF ALL AGES AND SOCIAL CONDITIONS FOR MOBILITY.  Even the most sensitive males are in the dark when it comes to understanding and attempting to deal with the day to day experience and needs of the 170 million American females who were not invited to the table in Washington. It’s that simple.

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Archives: Brainstorming the Penang Transport Master Plan(s)

Penang MP Poster top illustrationDraft introduction: Welcome to a collaborative thinking exercise inviting  any and all who may have some questions about the focus, the vision and in the end the quality of future mobility services as being proposed and aggressively pushed by the state government of Penang. The central instrument for this group investigative process is a group of poster illustrations which combine simple images and a few telling words in order test our understanding of the Penang Transport Master Plan — all this as  prepared for the recent Gertak Sanggul Art Festival by Kin Yin and a group  of young collaborators (who will be identified shortly in the final section of this first presentation).

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